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Asked Questions

Which program should I follow?

Cutler Club members have the ability to focus on burning fat like a pro, or building muscle at a rapid rate - the important thing is selecting the right program for your own body. If you are lean then it is a great time to start building muscle because of your higher level of insulin sensitivity and improved testosterone health - so go for the Cutler Mass Plan which will give you the right diet guidance to get you stacked! If you are not lean then begin with the Cutler Shred Plan so that you can quickly improve your condition!

If I need help who do I contact?

The customer service team behind Cutler Club are here to make this an amazing experience for you, if you need help or simply want to ask a question please message through the contact form on this website!

I'm unable to sign up to Cutler Club, what should I do?

Technology can be problematic from time to time, don't panic if you cannot sign up or sign in (if you've already successfully paid). Just email us on and we shall help you fix this fast!

What if I cannot attend the webinars can I still see them?

All of the webinars Jay Cutler does for Cutler Club members will be recorded and uploaded into the member's area - this means that you can always catch-up at your own convenience as well as refer back to older content when needed.

What if my gym doesn't have the exercise Jay puts in the program?

This is super simple, just use a "like for like" exercise to replace the one Jay has put in the workouts. If for example you don't have a free bar and he's suggested incline bench press, use a Smith Machine or dumbbells instead.

What should I do when I reach my goals?

Bodybuilding is an ever-evolving process so you will always have something else to achieve, right? Jay wants Cutler Club to be your one-stop place for workouts and diet guidance, no matter what your goal is there will be a suitable plan to follow. Every week new workout plans are going to be added so you have so much choice as well as progression to aim for!

What happens if I want to cancel my membership to Cutler Club?

If you would like to cancel your membership then please either contact us through the contact form on this wesbite or email 

We'll be happy to cancel your plan for whatever reason you may have.

Please note that we do not offer refunds.

Does My Membership Auto-renew?

Yes, your plan auto-renews on your renewal date until cancelled. In order to cancel your memebrship, please email

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Cutler Club has provided reliable and consistent resources to help me achieve my muscle gain and over health goals in a body that is 68 years of age and riddled with arthritis.  My muscle strength and size has improved by utilizing the Cutler High Volume Training Principles exclusively with the use of free weights and dumb bells in a home gym during the past two years of the covid pandemic. Thank you for the information, wisdom, and enthusiasm you have provided to me and all the other people you have reached through social media. Keep it coming.

Marvin Perez

The thing that I really love about the Cutler Club is the atmosphere! The amount of support and knowledge is simple unmatched. There are no bullies, gimmicks, or any BS like that, just a lot of people who want to see you succeed. My progress really exploded once i joined the Cutler Club 3 years ago! The Cutler Club taught me how to train high volume properly and use progressive overload while helping me learn how to eat appropriately for the workouts. It is amazing for novices who are just starting their fitness journey and for IFBB Pro level athletes!

Jon Mills

Cutler Club gave me the opportunity to meet Jay & quite frankly…it changed my life. I lacked motivation and drive to get back healthy after a series of injuries. Having Jay as my coach in the original group of clients, and the first Canadian was so inspiring. With Jay's guidance I was able to loose 60lbs, and  was able to get off my CPAP machine and blood pressure medication. With the knowledge that I have gained from Jay over the past 3 years, and the awesome group of people in the Club that continue to motivate me, I  started my own personal training business at age 60, so that I can hopefully inspire others that can lead a healthier lifestyle at any age.

Russ Lauria

I love Cutler club because it has accountability and is like a family that gets you in shape. I was a trainer for a couple of years, and you can't learn bodybuilding from those books. Cutler club's seminars has reshaped my ideas and philosophy of bodybuilding and training.

Chris Lee
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