Cutler Club Shred Plan

The Cutler Shred Plan is for Cutler Club members who want to lose fat and get shredded - if you have struggled to overcome a plateau and cannot get in shape, this program will help you address this. If you follow this as you’re supposed to, you will be super lean by the end of this! 


Is This Diet Right For You? 


I spent most of my life in very lean condition and going even further to stage condition when competing, I know what it takes to get there and sustain it. As a pro I would never get fat in the off season because I believe bodybuilders grow best by staying lean all year round due to better insulin sensitivity and less aromatization.


If your body fat is not as low as you want it, this is the plan that will get you in amazing shape - no doubt about it!


Shred Plan Nutrition Overview 


Nutrition is obviously such a huge part of burning fat which is why I have covered a lot of details in this section which are all focused on helping you grow fast! Not only do I want this to help you get in amazing condition, I want you to learn along the way - it is smart to get educated on this stuff and I can help you do that. 




Protein gives you all of the amino acids you require to stimulate muscle protein synthesis and then sustain it, which is responsible for muscle recovery and retention. To keep muscle protein synthesis at a higher level throughout the day you need to eat every 2-3 hours if you’re serious about building mass. Not all protein rich foods are the same so don’t fall into the trap of just looking at the macronutrient content - leucine content is super important for muscle growth, in the diet building section below I’ve listed the protein sources you must stick to. 




Carbohydrates are the easiest source of energy for your body to use which is important for rebuilding muscle and supporting intensity when training. Carbohydrates are also “protein sparing” which means they help fight catabolism, which is essential when dieting to prevent wastage! Again, not all carbohydrates are equal because some give a slower release of energy and are richer in micronutrients - I have listed the best choices below. Sometimes it is good to eat faster digesting carbohydrates especially after training for recovery, I have included a list of these as well. 



Fats are really important for so many different things in your body such as testosterone production, protecting your joints and mental focus. From a dieting perspective they also help manage cravings because they slow down the speed of digestion. They are also over twice as calorie dense as carbohydrates and protein which means they’re great for getting into a surplus when building mass. You need more omega 3 fats for your health rather than omega 6s, so the list I have given you will be biased in this way. 


Mass Plan Structure 


The structure of your diet can make a huge difference to muscle recovery, digestion, cravings, performance and energy which all contribute towards optimizing fat loss. Do not think burning body fat is as simple as eating in a calorie deficit without considering all of these other variables. For optimal fat loss and muscle retention it is smart to


Here is how you will structure your Cutler Shred Plan diet for optimal fat loss. 


Training Days:


Meal 1 - protein / fast & slow digesting carbohydrates / fat 


Meal 2 - protein / fat 


Meal 3 - protein / fat


Meal 4 (pre workout) - protein / fast & slow digesting carbohydrates / fat


Meal 5 (post workout) - protein / fast digesting carbohydrates / fat


Meal 6 - protein / fat 


Rest Days:


Meal 1 - protein / fast & slow digesting carbohydrates / fat 


Meal 2 - protein / fat 


Meal 3 - protein / fat


Meal 4 - protein / fat


Meal 5 - protein / slow digesting carbohydrates / fat


Meal 6 - protein / fat


Mass Plan Numbers 


The structure is set out for you to follow, but you have got to know what quantity of food to eat which is why I have created a formula for you. This means that you will be eating the right amount for your body weight and current condition, so you don’t waste time doing the wrong stuff. 


Below are your macro numbers, notice there are different quantities based on the body part you’re training. This is to account for the extra fuel you burn on larger muscle groups. 


Large Muscle Group Days (Legs & Back)


Protein - 1.5g 

Carbohydrates - 1.2g

Fat - 0.3g


Small Muscle Group Days (Chest, Shoulders, Arms) 


Protein - 1.5g 

Carbohydrates - 1g

Fat - 0.3g


Rest Days


Protein - 1.5g 

Carbohydrates - 0.8g 

Fat - 0.3g 


Just so you get this from the start I have created a sample macro split below for somebody who has a lean body weight of 220lbs. This will show you how to use this formula on your own body to get the right macronutrient split and then apply it to the structure I gave you above. 


220lbs lean body weight: 


Large Muscle Group Days (Legs & Back)


Protein - 330g 

Carbohydrates - 264g

Fat - 66g 

Calories - 2,970 


Small Muscle Group Days (Chest, Shoulders, Arms) 


Protein - 330g 

Carbohydrates - 220g

Fat - 66g 

Calories - 2,794


Rest Days


Protein - 330g 

Carbohydrates - 176g 

Fat - 66g 

Calories - 2,618 


All of these calculations have been made for somebody with a lean body weight of 220lbs, to make this accurate for yourself you need to calculate your own lean body weight and then apply the formula. 


Your lean body weight is your body fat percentage subtracted from total weight.


Mass Plan Food List 


Having a diverse variety of food in your diet is great for the gut and it also makes the process more sustainable - as a pro bodybuilder I was like a robot, I’d eat whatever I had to, no matter if I liked it or not. Dieting can get tough when cravings kick in and you feel tired, you’re going to have to deal with that. From experience I know having some variety does helping dieting more tolerable.


Remember when you're doing your macro numbers different foods will have more than one macro group, like salmon will contain protein and fat - account all of this information! 





Turkey breast

Chicken breast

Beef steak 

Ground beef 



Egg whites 

Whole eggs 





Whey protein 

Casein protein (for last meal of the day only)


Carbohydrates (slow digesting):



Wholegrain rice 

Sweet potato / yams 



Carbohydrates (fast digesting):


White rice 

White potato 






Natural peanut butter 


Brazil nuts 




Virgin coconut oil 



**I do not count the vegetables in the fiber category towards the daily macronutrients & calories when counting, they are extra mainly for health and digestion purposes**





Green salad 






The Cutler Shred Plan will make you get into amazing condition fast if you follow everything I have explained and combine it with the training programs in Cutler Club. Do not be tempted to cut corners, just do everything as I have said and the results will start showing very quickly! 


Jay Cutler - 4 Times Mr. Olympia

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